EdCast Vendor Management System (VMS)

Full-stack SaaS solution to manage all your training vendors, products, and services in one environment

EdCast Vendor Management System (VMS) is a full-stack SaaS solution for enterprises to effectively manage their training vendors, products, and services in one integrated environment. VMS boosts operational efficiencies by enabling unified supplier management, reducing training costs, and streamlining the process of onboarding new vendors. Save time and resources as you leverage the power of One Contract & One Invoice between your enterprise and EdCast. 

The EdCast VMS can seamlessly integrate with the EdCast Learning Experience Platform (LXP) to provide enterprises with a single platform for all learning activities.

Ease of automation and operational efficiencies

  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming efforts of integrating and managing your training vendors. 
  • Use our extensive, pre-vetted product and services catalog and advanced search filters to easily compare and select your preferred providers, all in one place and add your existing vendors to the platform too.
  • Save time with automated tools like custom Contract Configurator to effortlessly manage all your paperwork related to new agreements, renewals, NDAs, etc.
  • Onboard as many vendors as needed, track their onboarding status and get our uninterrupted support for any technical integration or content validation you need.
  • Receive only one consolidated invoice from EdCast instead of multiple invoices from different vendors. Similarly, minimize your number of contracts by requiring only one contract between you and us at EdCast.

Increased visibility and control

  • Easily establish transparency on supplier offerings and alternatives to create informed choices for your learners, and to align spend/ consumption against your business priorities 
  • Quickly negotiate and structure volume pricing directly with vendors, opt-in for pay-per-use or try subscription models
  • Identify non-performing suppliers, eliminate duplication of content across different suppliers, increase economies of scale across business divisions
  • Mitigate data privacy and information security challenges as you centrally manage GDPR compliance on our platform for all your suppliers

More value to you and your learners

  • Offer great choice and flexibility to learners as you get direct access to hundreds of premium training providers, and thousands of titles, including labs, assessments, business simulations, online libraries, and traditional training courses.
  • Enhance your user experience through EdCast’s AI-enabled unified discovery and personalized learning environment.
  • Assess all your L&D suppliers in one place, better evaluate which suppliers are being utilized, performing the best, and are most valued by learners (through reviews and rating systems). 
  • Optimize your training spend by providing individuals and teams with defined budgets on the platform. Manage your internal L&D expenditure better through our ‘request approval’ set up to grant more discerning course-access to your learners.

To find out more about how you can benefit from having all your training providers in one integrated environment, email us at marketplace@edcast.com