Changing the Game for
Learning Solutions Procurement

We bring a groundbreaking advancement in how businesses procure learning solutions with a platform business model. By removing the layer between the seller and buyer to create instant visibility and access to learning resources, pricing, payment options at the point of need for upskilling.


Scale your business without investing in additional operational resources or adding complexity. EdCast Marketplace manages the entire buyer commercial and administrative process for you – from invoicing to collections.


EdCast Marketplace offers free productivity tools so:

  • Buyers can run their entire training delivery on their personalized and branded delivery portals.
  • Sellers can author, publish and manage products in their personalized portal.
  • Contract instructors can publish professional profiles, negotiate and manage bookings.


A comprehensive portfolio of training resources and an instructor service marketplace allow you to organize training programs on any topics. There are no constraints on your resources while you can always offer relevant, in-demand training to working professionals.

Expand your reach and gain new revenue streams
Publish on Leapest
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Interesting for:
Educational Publishers, Subject Matter Experts, Certification Bodies, Standards Owners

Find new training opportunities & get hired around the world
Teach on Leapest
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Interesting for:
Contract / Freelance Instructors

Shop materials, exams, and book instructors all in one place
Publish on Leapest
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Interesting for:
Training Providers, Consulting Providers, Corporate L&D Managers, Training Managers

An easy way to find and book IT Training Professionals
Publish on Leapest
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Interesting for:
Training Providers, Consulting Providers, Corporate L&D Managers, Training Managers

EdCast Marketplace enables you to become a global provider at the click of a button. You get to spend more time with your customers while we manage everything else for you!

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