EdCast Customer Academy

Your own academy to train your extended enterprise customers leveraging a robust B2B e-commerce training platform

EdCast Customer Academy provides enterprises with advanced training management capabilities, to help them make the extended enterprise more knowledgeable about their own products. Customer Academy, which can be easily integrated with LXP, enables enterprises to plan, sell, and deliver training programs to the extended enterprise, such as distributors or franchisees. Enterprises can also offer their courses to their own employees, or even commercialize them publicly. By making extended enterprise know more about your products and services through Customer Academy, you empower teams to make truly informed sales pitches and sell more! Simply put, you achieve your strategic goals faster as you use EdCast’s simplified yet highly intuitive learning ecosystem to train your stakeholders.

Gain more control and speed in training delivery

  • Improve control over training deliveries through an integrated platform. Easily plan, schedule, and deliver training programs as every step of the process is managed by you through EdCast’s intuitive and flexible training management platform.
  • Easily determine who gets access to your courses. You can offer your training programs and materials to your extended enterprise, or make it widely available to the public for purchase. 
  • Rapidly introduce new training programs to your network and beyond. As soon as you have your learning materials available, you can set up your programs and can deliver them as self-paced online courses, classroom, virtual or blended courses.

Grow your business and boost your brand visibility

  • Continuously train and upskill your business partners, distributors, or anyone else in the extended enterprise, to build a stronger brand and product awareness. Engage your stakeholders to participate more meaningfully in attaining your business goals.
  • Optimally position your brand vision and manage end-to-end learning experience for all your business stakeholders, providing them with the same unique learning experience. 
  • Take advantage of our various digital rights management capabilities, ensuring there is no misuse of your IP. Customer Academy ensures that your learning materials are watermarked, printing options restricted, and trainer materials cannot be downloaded.

Increase your reach and ROI

  • Increase revenue from your network by commercializing your offering, and earning revenue from your network, and if desired, outside of it too.
  • Conveniently deliver training programs and courseware across the world by leveraging Customer Academy’s easy access to Edcast Marketplace. 
  • Enjoy the flexibility to offer differentiated pricing models. You can set pricing per region, per product, and even per customer, or run promotional campaigns. You can sell to organizations or individuals, and the invoicing and revenue collection is managed by us.

To know more about the benefits of EdCast Customer Academy or to simply get started, reach us at marketplace@edcast.com.