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Published on December 17, 2018

Leapest continues to grow and expand service and capabilities for our users. As of January 2019, we’ll be adding an Instructor Marketplace to our Platform. We have designed this new service to serve the growing demands from our buyer community to source contract/freelance instructors to deliver the training on their behalf.

To prepare for the launch of the Instructor Marketplace, we’re updating our Terms of Use to reflect this new service. Furthermore, we have also updated our Terms to accommodate the growing demand from existing Buyers who would like to become Sellers and make their products and services available in a simplified and streamlined process. Furthermore, to better serve our growing community of Buyers and Sellers, we’re updating our Terms to make them clearer and easier to understand.

You can view the May 2018 version of Leapest Terms here.

Prospective buyers can view the latest version of Leapest Terms (in PDF) last modified on December 17, 2018 here.

Leapest Terms of Use

Welcome to Leapest. Glad to see you here. Please take your time to learn about your rights, responsibilities, and obligations when you use Leapest. This ensures we understand each other and you get the best values from Leapest. We’ll start with the basics, including a few definitions that should help you understand these Terms.

Leapest is a Business to Business (“B2B”) platform that connects Buyers and Sellers for training-related products and services. The products and services that are listed for sale on the platform (“Items”) may include course materials (courseware), eLearning, labs, simulations, toolkits, video training, educational documents, training reference materials, textbooks, certification exams, instructor packages; as well as instructor service, train-the-trainer service and accreditation service.

These Leapest General Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding Agreement ("Agreement") between you and Leapest governing your access to and use of the Leapest websites, including any subdomains thereof, and any other websites through which Leapest makes its services available (collectively, "Site"), and all associated services (collectively, "Leapest Services"). The Site and Leapest Services together are hereinafter collectively referred to as the (“Leapest Platform”).

When these Terms mention “Leapest,” “Leapest Platform” “We,” “Us,” or “Our,” they refer to Leapest B.V., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands and having its registered address at Weena 242, 3012 NJ Rotterdam, the Netherlands or Leapest Inc., a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of Delaware, United States, and having its registered address 13200 Strickland Rd., Suite 114 - PMB # 203, Raleigh, NC 27613-5212 United States; being the entity that engages with You and manages the Platform that facilitates Your transaction. “You” and “Your” refer to someone legally or contractually associated with, or acting on behalf of a Seller or a Buyer.

Besides these Leapest General Terms and Conditions, additional terms apply. For organization(s) purchasing Items through Leapest (“Buyer”, “Buyers”), the Terms of Service for Buyers (“Terms for Buyers”) apply. For organization(s) selling Items through Leapest (“Seller”, “Sellers”), the Terms of Service for Sellers (“Terms for Sellers”) apply. To bring in Your subject matter expertise to offer delivery of training in a physical or virtual classroom setting is defined as “Instructor Service”, the Terms for Sellers apply. One of the Seller types is (“Contract Instructor”, “Contract Instructors”) referring to individual(s) that offer Instructor Service through Leapest and another Seller type is (“Instructor Service Provider”, ”Instructor Service Providers”) referring to organization(s) that provide Instructor Service through Leapest.

Buyers and Sellers with a registered account on Leapest are collectively referred to as (“Member”,“Members”). Leapest provides delivery and logistical services (“Fulfillment Services”) to Members on Leapest, including but not limited to the distribution of electronic content, printing, and shipping of courseware items, delivery of exam licenses, distribution of certificates and ordering of Instructor Service. This enables Buyers to receive Items from Sellers, as well as Sellers to distribute Items to Buyers. The Fulfillment Terms of Service (“Fulfillment Terms”) govern the fulfillment of Items for Buyers and the fulfillment obligations for Sellers.

Leapest provides “Payment Services” to Members so Buyers can make purchases, Leapest can collect fees from Buyers on behalf of Sellers, and Leapest can make payouts to Sellers. Any and all financial transactions in connection with the use of the Leapest Platform by Buyers are set out in the Payment Terms of Service for Buyers (“Payment Terms for Buyers”). Any and all financial transactions in connection with the use of the Leapest Platform by Sellers are set out in the Payments Terms of Service for Sellers (“Payment Terms for Sellers”). Details on how the earnings of Sellers are determined are included in the (“Commercial Terms for Sellers”).

Incorporated herein by reference in its entirety, the following documents are part of the Leapest Terms of Use (“Terms”). Please pay special attention to the ones that are relevant for You and please continue reading the rest of this document as it applies to everyone who uses any of our Services. By using any of our Services (even just browsing our websites), You’re agreeing to the Terms. If You don’t agree with the Terms, You may not use our Services although We’ll be sorry to see you go!


Leapest General Terms and Conditions for Everyone. If You use any of our Services, You agree to these Terms.

Fulfillment Terms govern the conditions around the delivery of Items and logistical services provided by Leapest to Members.

Data Processing Addendum (DPA) applies only to the extent that Leapest processes End User Data as a Data Processor on behalf of a Member under the Data Protection Law in the course of providing Fulfillment Services pursuant to the Agreement.

Terms for Buyers If You use our Services to shop, these policies apply to You.

Payment Terms for Buyers govern all financial transactions conducted through or in connection with Leapest for Buyers.

Terms for Sellers If You list any Items for sale through our Services, these policies apply to You.

Payment Terms for Sellers govern all financial transactions conducted through or in connection with Leapest for Sellers.

Commercial Terms for Sellers outline how Leapest determines earnings for Sellers.


Privacy Policy outlines our collection and use of personal information in connection with Your access to and use of the Leapest Platform.

Privacy Policy for the Branded Portal Users outlines our collection and use of personal information in connection with End Users’ access and use of the Branded Portal.


The use of Leapest will be subject to the most current version posted on the Site at the time of Your use. If You do not accept these Terms, please refrain from using the Site or any of the products and services offered through Leapest.


Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Terms, please contact us at the following address:


Weena 242

3012 NJ Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Email: ask@leapest.com