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Security & Continuity Institute (SECO) is Europe’s leading institute for high-level Security & Continuity certification titles. SECO owns the Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program. This certification program consists of 7 different certification tracks aligned with individual jobs and job-specific disciplines. The Data Protection Foundation course is the first level in the Data Protection Certification track and give the student basic knowledge about the GDPR and how to implement it in the organization.

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Course Description :

The Privacy & Data Protection Foundation course is a two-day course aimed at developing basic knowledge about privacy and data protection.

The Data Protection Foundation certificate exhibits the students ability to cut through the legal jargon and focus on the core principles of privacy and data protection/ GDPR, and understand the impact these might have on your organisation.

All in all, the student will acquire a complete overview of the data protection responsibilities.

Course Outline :

Day 1:

  • Introduction to the Course:
  • Learning objectives
  • Privacy in Context:
  • How privacy became a “right” of everyone.
  • Legal history of privacy and data protection, up to the GDPR.
  • Overview of international laws regulating privacy
  • Main Players in the GDPR
  • Overview of the roles and related responsibilities set out in the GDPR
  • The House of Data Protection: Foundation
  • Getting acquainted with the House of Data Protection.
  • Territorial and material scope of the GDPR.
  • Definition of Personal Data according to the GDPR.
  • Definition of processing according to the GDPR.
  • The House of Data Protection: Processing Principles
  • Lawfulness of processing. Overview of the 6 grounds for legitimate processing of Personal Data
  • The House of Data Protection: Restrictions
  • Restrictions to the processing of Personal Data imposed by the GDPR

Day 2:

  • The House of Data Protection: Obligations
  • Obligations imposed on Controllers and Processors when using Personal Data
  • The House of Data Protection: Communication
  • A Controller should actively communicate to Data Subjects, Recipients, and the DPA after certain things have happened, or are suspected to have happened. What are those events, and in what timeframe should the communication take place?
  • The House of Data Protection: Accountability
  • What is accountability and why is it important? What are the criteria the GDPR defines for accountability? Are there already Best Practices, even though the GDPR is very new? How can performing tests or audits help ensure sure compliance? What happens if you are found non-compliant?

Target Audience :

  • Anyone who collects, edits, processes or manages personal information in a professional context
  • Anyone in a staff function that requires awareness of legal responsibilities as regards the use of personally identifiable information
  • Employees of call centres, help desks and other first-line customer-oriented services
  • Staff in charge of designing, developing or managing processes or services wherein personal data are involved
  • Consultants who need to be able to provide advice on handling the personal data of European citizens

Learning Objectives :

  • Candidates should know and understand the basics of the GDPR
  • Candidates should be able to apply the GDPR in easy day-to-day situations
  • Candidates should know how to stay accountable to a DPA
  • Candidates should understand what basic steps need to be taken to implement the GDPR in their work environment

Course Agenda :

The course covers 4 areas of attention:

1.      Introduction to Privacy & Data Protection

2.      The House of Data Protection: Definitions and Processing Principles

3.      The House of Data Protection: Restrictions and Obligations

4.      The House of Data Protection: Communications and Accountability

SECO - Data Protection Foundation-Course Book

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